Robots Robots Robots Robots! : New Robot Games on Arcade

Cover of Isaac Asimov's I, Robot

What is it with robots? Why are so many people fascinated by them?

Isaac Asimov first introduced the beginnings of a comprehensively detailed world of robots, along with his idea about the Three Laws of Robotics in his 1942 short story Runaround, and with the series of short stories and novels he wrote over the next few decades, he forged a world and cultural sensibility that have influenced stories about Robots in films, comics, novels, TV shows and games right up to the present.

These days, there’s lots of effort to make robots a reality, and there’s a lot of different ideas about what they should look like, what they should be tasked to do and when, and whether they deserve rights — but that’s robots in the real world, and what we’re interested in here is robots in the game world, where robots are definitely cool, don’t necessarily obey Asimov’s Three Laws, but are definitely fun!

Just check out these four great examples of robot based games developed by Game Design students from the 14th, 23rd and 25th graduating classes.

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