2014 VFS Holiday-Retrospectacular and Game-Update Bonanza

Hey all, with the end of 2014 fast approaching and a new year around the corner we here at VFS thought it would be nice to look back at the year and highlight everyone’s hard work as well as look forward to 2015! (and put the spotlight on all the new games that have been updated in this websites library!)

When I consider 2014 it’s hard to believe all that has changed since I was in my second term at this time last year. Students have graduated, Staff has come and gone, Alumni have gotten exciting jobs in Vancouver and around the world, a new program that VFS is offering here at the Game Design campus has started: “Programming for Games, Web, & Mobile”, and perhaps most importantly we have made a lot of really cool and exciting games. Five Game Design classes have graduated with one more class, the GD37′s (who are notable for being the first GD class to collaborate with the new Programming program) graduating in the coming weeks.

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GD33 Pitch and Play

Dave Warfield opens the night


It was a full house on Thursday, April 3rd for the Pitch and Play event at the VFS Game Design campus. Every seat was filled as game developers from various companies filed into the presentation studio. The nerves of this term’s graduating class were buzzing as each team lined up to present their final project, but all of the long hours and dedication they put into practicing their presentations and polishing their games definitely paid off. Each team came in and went out with a bang, leaving all who attended very impressed with the projects.

James Beasely, Dustin Williamson, Emiliano Guerrero, and Ethan Maddix present Run or Roast

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Jukebox Paradise: Pre-Production Reflections

Jukebox Paradise is one of the four games that is being developed on the production floor at VFS. It is a 3D local multiplayer where players brawl on a vinyl record inside a 1950s jukebox-diner to serve customers their milkshakes! These blogs are short reflections of the design and early development processes that the team went through, and we’d like to share them with the VFS community. We hope you enjoy them!  For more information on Jukebox Paradise, please feel free to check out our website

One of the best pieces of advice that I have received from my time at the VFS Game Design campus has been to have fun, because hey, we’re studying to make video games, right? Life, as we may all know, can get hectic, and having fun might slip from our priority list. But my team and I learned the value of having fun during our pre-production process in Term 4 when brainstorming concepts for our final game. After spending several days brainstorming on campus with a whiteboard and markers, everyone agreed that a change of pace was needed. And since we were all interested in science, a field trip to the Telus World of Science seemed like the perfect place to get in touch with our ‘fun’ side.

Brainstorming at Science World turned out to be a blast.  Drawing inspirations from all of the juicy science experiments, we came up with new concepts and discussed previous ideas in a new light. Getting in touch with our ‘fun’ side also proved to be a great team building experience. At Science World, everyone on the team bonded over puzzles, trippy optical illusions and of course, cool demonstrations with fire!

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