Zoe Curnoe on Women in Games

Zoe Curnoe and Giraffe by Rory McGuire

VFS Game Design Instructor Zoe Curnoe loves games, which is a good thing, since she’s also Development Director 2 at Electronic Arts, one of the biggest game companies in the world. And that love of games extends to making them better, and to making the industry better too — particularly when it comes to encouraging women to participate as creators, producers and players. To this end, she is also co-chair of Women in Games Vancouver, an organization committed to “Champion professional development, career growth opportunities, networking, mentoring and education opportunities within the games community in Canada.” We recently spoke with Zoe about her passion for games, her ideas about getting more girls and women interested in both playing them and working in the game industry, and her opinion about a few recent controversies.

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