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For those of you unfamiliar with Arcademia, it is  an online website and a local Vancouver TV show on Shaw Cable. Their focus is Video Game previews, News and Interviews about the local gaming industry here in Vancouver. Recently, I had the opportunity to go on the show and be interviewed by the creator and host, Graham Hamilton.

Don’t click that arrow, it’s just a picture, see the interview below.


function(ing){ in programming; }

I’m Meabh (Mave), I’m from Ireland and having been seduced by the magic of code I moved to Vancouver to study at VFS. I’m currently 12 weeks in to the still new Programming for Games Web and Mobile and have just reached the midpoint of term two. I’m tired, my brain doesn’t want to focus tonight and writing this much avoided blog post has a new appeal.

The course has at times been tough but that’s balanced by the pure joy experienced when things work. Last week when I finally got a full circuit of the server I am writing working I spontaneously whooped, more than once, over an hour period. This has never happen before as a result of schoolwork. PURE UNABASHED JOY. For me that is the nature of programming, when I’m making a large knowledge leap until I understand it and can make it work it feels like magic, evil, unforgiving magic. Then either by one or several small ‘ahhh moments’ it works and I suddenly feel like Hermione Granger, invincible. Until the next assignment comes along.

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One does not simply choose the VFS life

I don’t really understand how I survived my first term in VFS, but I did it, and I’m alive – YAY!

…Well, I suppose I should introduce myself first.

My name is Andreia, 22 and I came from Portugal aaaaall the way to this side of Canada to study Programming for Games Web and Mobile at Vancouver Film School. While finishing my bachelor’s in Graphic Design I got really frustrated by not being able to actually make stuff happen and thus decided to learn Sorcery (aka Coding).

It has been a great adventure up until now, super far away from home, but it’s been worth it.

I’ve been around since October but haven’t really got the time to write something. So here it goes my review of the first term.


When I look back at the last 2 months this is how I would describe it:

(Programming students – and everyone around hearing them crying and eat ice cream – will get this)

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2014 brings a new addition to the VFS family

In case you haven’t heard, we are excited to add a brand-new, innovative program to the award-winning educational roster at VFS.

Programming for Games, Web & Mobile is the first of its kind in the industry: a comprehensive one-year program that provides grads with the technical, creative, and industry knowledge to work in an almost unprecedented number of fields. An incredible array of skills are learned and an incredible range of industry doors are opened.

The course was designed by Dave Warfield, Head of Game Design; Peter Walsh, Game Design Senior Instructor; and Miles Nurse, Head of Digital Design. Many months of research and planning went into the program, along with students, alumni, recruiter, and industry consultations.

The entertainment arts industry relies on skilled programmers, who are the technical lynchpins to digital media projects, from Interactive Designers and Front-End Developers, to VFX Programmers and Technical Architects. Programming for Games, Web & Mobile is all about becoming a better, smarter, more versatile and hireable developer.

If you would like to learn more about Programming for Games, Web & Mobile, or know someone who would be interested, please visit the program page or speak to an advisor.

We are extremely proud of all the hard work that has gone into this program and are excited to see it start in March and grow the world-class educational experience that is Vancouver Film School.