A Conversation with… Arash Jamali

This week A Conversation with… reached out to our 12th graduating class, and found Arash Jamali at Sony in London, UK.

  • Tell me about what you are doing now in the Games Industry.

So at the moment I am in London (UK) working as a Technical Producer in Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and our team is working on the Morpheus project which is Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset to be used with the PS4. In particular I am working with the tools and technology team building the framework on which some of the games will be made in the future.

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Unity Coming to Sony Consoles in 2013

Unity Technologies has recently announced that they’ve entered into a “strategic partnership” with Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), and that their free game development tool will be able to publish to Sony consoles before 2014.

This is big news for indie, hobbyist, and professional game developers alike! Game developers using Unity will soon be able to create games for the Playstation 4 and PS Vita consoles, further expanding the wide array of targets Unity can already publish to.

What is Unity?

For those unaware, Unity is a cross-platform game engine for developing 3D games. It comes with built-in scripting, scene editor, shader support, physics simulation, and all the tools one needs to create games that look and play great. Not only is the basic version free to download, at any time you can upgrade it to add support for more platforms (iOS, Android, Flash) and more special features (lighting, animation, pathfinding).
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