New Games for the New Year

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I am always inspired when I look back in January and see how prolific our students were with their game creations. In 2013, VFS Game Design students produced over 100 games using Unity, UDK, Flash and HTML5.

Below we have selected 6 inspiring games that are sure to motivate any game making enthusiast out there to create their first title for 2014!

Bullet Ride (GD28) – Bullet Ride is a 3rd person fast paced action game, where the player steers a bullet through an art deco world, developed by a team of five students using Unity 4.0.

Play Bullet Ride HERE.

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GD31′s Pitch & Play Event

Pitch & Play is an event held every term during which student teams present their final projects to an audience from the game industry. As students currently in the pre-production phase of our final projects, we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend this event and cover the games on show.

Senior Instructor Andrew Laing was the host of the evening, and kept the audience entertained throughout the night with his funny, and somewhat corny, jokes.

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A day in the life of a 6th term Level Designer

Hi I am Jim, the Level Designer for STARSTRUCK, and this is a summary of one day on the production floor: November 5th, 2013. The level design problem I am addressing today is a severe dip in the intensity of gameplay after our second encounter. Our game, STARSTRUCK, is a 3D twin-stick beat-em-up which demands high intensity encounters throughout the gameplay experience. The player controls Dr. Box, and he has just fought the final boss for the first time before watching him escape. The downhill interlude is immediately after this first major challenge of the game, and the beat chart shows that a slight dip in intensity is desired. However, the intensity dips too much right now, and playtesters complain that this section “feels too long,” which is the polite way of saying that it is boring.

A bird’s eye view of where I am working today

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