GD33 Peer Presentations… and Party!

Students file in for their Peer Presentations

There was a sense of anxiety as our class walked into the dark TV studio for the GD33 Peer Presentations. Faculty members and students sat rigid in their seats, casting their critiquing gaze upon us as if asking, “Are you prepared to be here?” We sat down and looked at the presenter who validated our fears. He issued us a challenge: Create a presentation on a specific complex topic (that he provided) and stand on stage to deliver it to the entire crowd.  We only had 30 minutes to complete it… Would GD33 sink, or swim?

GD33 Peer Presentations Assignment

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Our Welcome Party : Game Design Class 33

The welcome party for our VFS Game Design class (GD33) at VFS was the place to be on Friday afternoon. What more could you ask for? There was a ton of food, board games, video games, and of course, great company.

It was great to see how the party’s casual and friendly environment gave the GD33’s a great opportunity to network with previous Game Design classes. Video game tournaments took place at five stations with various consoles throughout the room. The Street Fighter 4 tournaments were being projected onto the big screen.

Game Design "Peer Presentations" for the 33rd class

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