PG07 Welcome Party

In honour of VFS’ most contemporary intake of budding programmers, PG07, the Programming and Game Design campus recently hosted a welcome party and tournaments for the students.

There was food for everyone involved, card games that encourage players to get to know each other, and video games to have fun or compete with; including two tournament brackets for Super Smash Brothers for Wii U as well as the freshly released Street Fighter V.

The events played out marvellously, with PG05 students Robert and Manuel taking first place in the Super Smash Brothers tournament and GD43 student Duncan taking the trophy for Street Fighter V.

Students also spent time bonding over a few games of Cards Against Humanity, while others competed for pole position in their next race in Beetle Adventure Racing.

This marks a great kick off for a satisfying year filled with dedication, hard work, and personal growth for the newest batch of up and coming software development professionals in PG07. This was also a fun and food fuelled break for the other student’s waist deep in their final projects and other course work. Here’s to them all!

By Dylan Jenken

GD38 Welcome Party

It’s that time again. Here at VFS Game Design we’ve welcomed a new class into the fold, the GD38s! With the coming of this gaggle of bright eyed designers we break out games, delicious snacks, and our socializing hats for their welcome party!

Held on the second Friday of a new term, the welcome party is a chance for the new students to meet and greet their more seasoned peers in a fun/relaxed environment. With the senior students busy working on their respective projects, it can be easy to miss getting a chance to say hello.

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The Welcome Party

One of the many great traditions of the Game Design program is the Welcome Party. Every time a new class starts at VFS, the senior class is responsible for hosting a party to welcome them to Game Design, and give them an opportunity to have some fun while getting to know all the students that are currently in the program. On July 5th, the 33rd Game Design class welcomed the 34th class with a little bit of presentation work followed by a lot of game playing… I mean what better way is there to get to know fellow Game Designers than to play games and compete with them.

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GD33 Peer Presentations… and Party!

Students file in for their Peer Presentations

There was a sense of anxiety as our class walked into the dark TV studio for the GD33 Peer Presentations. Faculty members and students sat rigid in their seats, casting their critiquing gaze upon us as if asking, “Are you prepared to be here?” We sat down and looked at the presenter who validated our fears. He issued us a challenge: Create a presentation on a specific complex topic (that he provided) and stand on stage to deliver it to the entire crowd.  We only had 30 minutes to complete it… Would GD33 sink, or swim?

GD33 Peer Presentations Assignment

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Our Welcome Party : Game Design Class 33

The welcome party for our VFS Game Design class (GD33) at VFS was the place to be on Friday afternoon. What more could you ask for? There was a ton of food, board games, video games, and of course, great company.

It was great to see how the party’s casual and friendly environment gave the GD33’s a great opportunity to network with previous Game Design classes. Video game tournaments took place at five stations with various consoles throughout the room. The Street Fighter 4 tournaments were being projected onto the big screen.

Game Design "Peer Presentations" for the 33rd class

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