The Haunting

Women in Games Scholarship winner 2012 Kristina Soltvedt

This is getting weirder now. Ever since I took down my lucky charm (a picture of some garlic I printed), our workstations have gone from odd to crazy. The light at our work station is flashing and giving us all seizures.

Yes, it’s only going on in our space, and No, it’s not an indication that the light bulb needs changing. It’s appropriately a haunting!

Production is trudging along. We just passed Milestone 1 and have all the stuff in we want for that. So, thus far, we are feeling very good about the project.

I’ve been setting up simple events in UScript, trying to take the load off our coder Pavel Tomasik, so he can focus on heavier systems. For example, right now we have a problem with our main mechanic — the loop which scares the villagers. Every time you make an oval shape with the loop, Unity hard crashes, which at this stage, is a little bit funny, and in two weeks will be a nightmare. However, I’ll leave the code for Pavel to fix as I am about as good at coding as I am at doing top down level sketches.

In other news, we have place holder textures, which you can see in the picture above. We also have some basic villager AI and they now go green if you scare them, so it’s all coming along well.

Currently on the horizon for me is to plan out the two remaining areas, get a basic white box in and get the puzzles ready. Other than that, I need to finish implementing Alejandro Borjas Padilla’s textures and probably look into some more complex scripting in UScript so I can help Pavel more.

In other fun news:

Some of my texture implementations are working so the villager ladies are all walking around with a neat mix of corn, wood and stone textures on them. Very creepy.

We fixed our gravity problem — but before that the ghost just basically went, “Well, bullocks to this world, I’m going to SPAAAAAAAAAAACE”

Pavel is becoming shell-shocked by the sound of the bell in our level. Every time he hears the game being played he’s on edge, because he knooooows that at any time that bell could ring — I deliberately scripted the sound trigger to play louder. It makes me very happy : )))