The Oarering

Pfffff. KC Irvine of Big Jet has put on his maximum trollololol face and made us the gorgeous poster you see below. The Oarering… Really?

The Oarering

Well, joke’s on him. The Horroring is not gonna take this lying down. I’m already planning a meeting where we’re gonna go over how to get him back. Stay tuned!

In other news I’ve been struggling with Unity lighting. Unfortunately, I was not in the art stream and missed out on the amazing lighting class, apart from a few sessions I sat in on. Therefore, I am trying to learn as I go. I have a relative amount of experience creating decent lighting in UDK but Unity is very different, so it’s a bit of an adjustment.

Talking to our mentor Melany Hamill (who is amazing and awesome and amazing), we realized we’ve hit a bit of a plateau, where the changes we make to the game aren’t as apparent as before. From pre pro to M1, the game is literally coming to life and you can see very clear changes and improvements every day. Now we’re working on more tedious stuff that doesn’t create an instant visual change in the game. It’s still equally important to get in the game; it’s just less apparent in the game than the initial work.

Lighting Stuff

The lighting work I’ve been doing has changed a lot in a couple of days but the changes are so minuscule I’m trying hard not to be disheartened. Olivia (Veras) is working on scripting stuff for the levels, as well as the particles for the ghost in the different states. Pavel (Guy Tomasik) is working diligently on enemy AI – the dog and the Exorcist, while Alejandro (Borjas Padilla)is begrudgingly doing animations – soooo many animations. He’s already finished a couple, and I’m super excited to put them into the build!

Stay spooked!