The Welcome Party

One of the many great traditions of the Game Design program is the Welcome Party. Every time a new class starts at VFS, the senior class is responsible for hosting a party to welcome them to Game Design, and give them an opportunity to have some fun while getting to know all the students that are currently in the program. On July 5th, the 33rd Game Design class welcomed the 34th class with a little bit of presentation work followed by a lot of game playing… I mean what better way is there to get to know fellow Game Designers than to play games and compete with them.

The new students went on stage and introduced them selves and then had to roll a 12 sided dice and answer a question based on the number they roll. Once the formalities were done with the party ensued. Students could sign up for tournaments for games such as Super Smash Bros Melee, Mortal Kombat, Fifa 13 and the classic Golden Eye.

Students also played a variety of board games such as Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne.  Other students brought their decks and several intense games of Magic broke out.

This event is coordinated with another one that is put on by students called First Friday. Once the festivities are finished at the school students can head to a local pub called Yaggers. There they are greeted by Alumni who are currently working in the industry and students can get to network with them and hear about how VFS was back in their day. All in all just another great Friday in the life of a game design student at VFS.

Brant Stutheit is a Teaching Assistant at VFS Game Design, and a GD Alumni