VFS Game Design Students in Global Game Jam!

Global Game Jam 2014 is over!

Hello! I’m Nicha and I’ll be your VFS Game Jam Reporter! I’m going to showcase all of the work by the VFS students and the alumni team! :3

There were 4 groups jammin’ in the global event this year!


The theme of Global Game Jam 2014 was…

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Now for our first group! They worked here at the VFS Game Design Campus.

Team: Very Squid; Rafe Alfaro, Matt Holland, Hugo Lindsay, Ryan White, Dustin Williamson.

They made the space shooting game named Such Squid, Very Laser, Pew Pew.

I really like their awesome tentacle monster! Pew~ Pew~!!

Why squid? This is their game’s background story:

After being orphaned at a young age by the tentacles of Killer Calamari; you grew up and joined the League Against Galactic Squids, all with the sole intention of tracking it down, taking it back to the galaxy of Kronos 6, and tearing it apart. That time has now come. Question is: Are you ready?

On the second day, I had the great opportunity to be a volunteer for the game jam at the UBC location. So, I took some photos of the the place and atmosphere.

Moreover, I met 3 more groups of VFS students there too!

The UBC location was the main jamming place in Vancouver.
There were lottttttttttssssssssss of people hereeeeeeeee~<3.

Sheehhhhh, they were so busy. So, I just took photos quietly… >_<

By walking around, I could learn a lot of development techniques of each team.

For example, this guy is making a level for his mobile game, and he was testing the result right on his iPhone! WOW!

This guy was working on 2D animation using the Spline software. It is used for making 2D skeletal animation, which is very suitable for mobile games because it saves lots of processing resources!

There you are! This is the first group I met on that day. They are fresh alumni from VFS GD31, having graduated on Dec 2013.

Team: Plasma Platypus; Marcus Lembi, Tomas Pamplona and Shad Miller

Recently, there was news about a “Candy” trademark, and  that news got them a little bit mad… or a very mad? I can’t tell~<3

So, they came up with some thing “Candy”! and that is Scrolling Candy Saga.
In this game, you play as little marshmallow creatures that avoid the Crushing Candy Meteors. Use the “WAD” keys to control Mellow and the mouse to grab Meteors!

Shad said they owe Victory Square Games special thanks, because when they heard about the idea behind our game, to protest King’s trademark of the word candy, they allowed us to use one of their computers for the jam. :)


Then, I met a GD36 group… Team Name: Vespero; Valerio Terreri,  Adam Grosse, Taylor Morris.

Our freshmen are here for challenge! Their game is called Nightdriving.

In this game, you are driving a car in a mystery world.
They also made new friends there. Their new friends are Samson Li & Simon Cho who helped them with the music in their game.

and the last team I met,  was team Canvas with the game name… Canvas!

Their game mechanic is so cool! “Round and Round:Rotation is one of the primary mechanics in the game”

They are another alumni team GD31: Pietro Esposti, Jim Dodge, and their friends Andrew Nickerson, Matt church.

These are all projects from VFS Students!

Let’s cheer for them! Yeeeeeeeeeh~! You ROCK, and I love the challenge!

Nicha is a Game Design student at VFS, and a winner of the Women in Games Scholarship