Winter Break 7 days 7 games

Happy new year and happy new term!

We are Team Flip from GD34. Daniel – level designer, Semin – Programmer, Nicha – Artist.

We are going to start developing the idea of our final project next term (Term4), so we planned to do a little exercise during our longggggggggggggggg winter break.

During the first week of winter break, we had a mini project called “7 Days 7 Games”, which means we made one game per day.

It’s for design exercise and learning new tools, trying new things. It’s quite tough to do a non-stop 7 day game jam, but it’s great valuable experience!

We also published our games on our website too. Please feel free to visit our site and have fun~! 

We started meeting at 10.00am to brain storm our idea for the game of the day. Almost every day, we finished the game around midnight, and uploaded the new game onto the website.

This is what we did on each of those days.

13 December 2013 - Snarfing Cat

With love of a big fan of Cookie Clicker. We started the first game with HTML5.

Snarfing Cat is a web-based casual clicking game where the player clicks to get more cats, buys duplicators to get more cats, and buys toys to make cats happier.


 14 December 2013 - Super Brick Breaker

After, we found out that it is takes longer time to finish the game with HTML5. So, today we started to use Unity. LOL

Super Brick Breaker is a 3D brick breaker where the player controls the paddle in circular way to reach the goal at the center of the map.


15 December 2013 - Crazy Pong

That day, we did a very simple game, because we wanted to go to watch Disney’s ‘Frozen’. :D (Awesome movieeeee!!)

The classic pong with boosters and disruptor items!


16 December 2013 - Runner

What an awesome moving floorrrr!! We have planned to make this game into a mobile game as well!

Runner is a running game where the player runs away from a monster avoiding obstacles to survive.


17 December 2013 -Flip

Our best WOWWWWWW mechanic! We’re gonna use this mechanics for our final project! We were very excited when we developed this prototype!

Flip is a puzzle platformer game where you can flip and rotate platforms and make your way to the goal!


18 December 2013 - The War of Snow

Because it was the Christmas season and we didn’t have any festive themed games yet, we came up with this cute game! :P
Nicha’s still so proud of her Kitty Tanks~!  Snarf meow Nyan!

Ohhh! This the first game that we can customize our characters too!

The War of Snow is a multi-player racing shooting game where the players collect and shoot snow balls at each other’s side to win.


19 December 2013 - Claire’s Maze

Oh man…. We ran out of ideas today :(
Also ran out of energy as well…
Fortunately, we came up with procedurally generated maze with burning torch mechanics, and started making it at 3.00pm.

PS. We reused a character from the previous game as well. LOL (We ran out of time dudee!)

Claire is the main character of Flip Project. Claire’s maze takes place inside Claire’s mind, where you have to make the way to Claire’s subconscious. What is inside her mind? Let’s figure it out!

Phew~! These are all of them! Finally we made it to the last game. *Hoorayyyyyy~* The day after, we went to an awesome restaurant, and had an awesome dinner!

Problems we found, and how we solved

  • Lacking of game development experience and having no experience in the tools made us underestimate the time. So, some ideas had to been changed or modified in order to fit a 1 day schedule.
  • Some members could not wake up and join the meeting on time, so we shifted the starting time to around 11.30am, and yeah~ everyone was online in Google Hangout at 11.30am!
  • A member flew back home. So, we did a meeting on Google Hangout, and we found out that it’s a little bit hard to communicate. So, we used Google Drive to share documents and edit everything together at the same time. including drawing pictures on the shared drawing board too.

Thank you for free sound effects. (It is web-based retro sound generator. It is very easy to use!) for BGM. 

Thanks to our 7 days 7 games project,  it helped us get an awesome idea for our final project!

We are going to start making our awesome game soon!

Hello Term4 ~~~~!

Nicha Jaijadesuk is VFS Game Design student and a winner of the Woman in Games Scholarship