Hello from Women in Games Scholarship Winner Kristina Soltvedt!

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This is my first blog post in a while. I think the last time I had a blog I was about fifteen or so. And back then I was writing about how much I hated school, what a brat I was and how WoW was the best thing in the world. Things have changed a bit. School is pretty awesome and WoW is a faint memory. When you study game design at VFS you don’t really have time to play games. Oh the irony. I know.

Mystery Wow

Since this is my first post I should introduce myself to all you fictional people that will be following this blog: My name is Kristina, and I am this year’s recipient of the Women in Games Scholarship in the Game Design program at the Vancouver Film School. I used to work as a game journalist for Gamereactor and a sales assistant at Gamestop. I have a degree in English Lit too. So yeah… (bloated ego). I will be spending this year at VFS studying all aspects of Game Design and writing about it. For all you people who actually have a passion for games this is a great blog (bloated ego) to read. I’ll basically be writing about what studying Game Design is all about. Maybe someone creative and inspired will read this and decide to go to VFS. That means I’ve done my job (bloated ego).

Vancouver Film School Logo My first month at VFS has been insane. Minimum work amount is one assignment due per day, so I don’t really have a life or any free time.  —‘Sides, that stuff is for losers. I wanna make games damnit!  I actually love that the year at VFS is intense. It’s a true reflection of what our lives in the industry will be like. Soooo, keep it coming!


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