Perfect The Way We Are

The little ditty above is the creation of a passionate group of VFS graduates, instructors, and their compatriots.

We all know Americans go to the polls in November, but there’s also a hotly contested Canadian federal election on October 14. The Perfect The Way We Are team, hailing from the Foundation Visual Art & Design, Digital Design, Entertainment Business Management, Sound Design, and 3D programs, wanted to deliver one, simple, and decidedly non-partisan – but no less pointed – message to Canadians: Get out there and vote.

Sarah Vilay, EBM grad and the team’s business manager, explains: “Canada is our home and our culture. This project is a conversation about just that. When opportunity and freedom coincide, stuff gets done. That is what excites me.”

Sarah, producer and Foundation grad Todd Smith, and others were able to draw on a vast network of VFS talent to get the video and website together in record time. After all, the election was only called a few short weeks ago.

“VFS provided a dynamic network of people and ideas,” Sarah explains. “Programs like EBM, Sound Design and Film Production equipped us all to break down walls and collaborate.”

Grads involved also include Foundation’s Stephanie Co and Morgan Jeske, Digital Design grads Wilson Tsang (also a Foundation grad) and Collin Waldron, 3D grad Alexia Tryfon, DD instructor Brett Forsyth, and Sound Design grad/VFS instructor Alan Wong-Moon. Full credits here.

Visit to download the video, tons of links to get you caught up on the issue, and a chance to sound off. And if you need to, check out Elections Canada for the lowdown on going to the polls.

Update: Picked up by Motionographer!

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