Digital Design Students Experience Agency Life

In the Digital Design program, we have a keen focus on preparing our students for professional careers. As part of this commitment to ensuring our students are industry ready, they take a series of Industry & Career Preparation courses throughout the year. Each term focuses on building different skills that, by the end of the year, combine to form a well-rounded business and design-minded professional.

Term 3 is focused on imparting information about career options. One of the best way to do this is to expose students to different agency environments. This time around, the students met with four award-winning agencies — Blast Radius, Go 2 Productions, Karo and Engine Digital.

The tours provide a sneak-peek and deeper perspective on agency life. Anne Farrer, Vice President and Managing Director of Karo, has been instrumental in helping our program connect with industry. “It’s always so great to see the enthusiasm of students coming through the studio”, she says. “We all remember what it was like to be in those shoes — trying to figure out how the system works — and we want to support and nurture all that fantastic talent coming up.”

The agency tours are also a great way for students to learn more about business development, account management, process, and creative methodology. “It was fantastic to host students from VFS’s Digital Design program at Engine’s new space,” says James Richardson, Director of Operations at Engine Digital. “We’re enthusiastic supporters and appreciated the opportunity to provide emerging talent with a transparent take on agency life and the means to building a career in digital. It was refreshing for Dean, Stephen and I to pull back the curtain a little and talk about what makes the agency-client relationship tick and how an agency gets to innovation. Hopefully the tips, stories and discussions we covered provided some insight, some amusement and some guidance on how to start a career in digital and, once there, how to succeed.”

Thank you again to all of these incredibly generous agencies for giving of their time and guidance!

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