Digital Design Talks Triple Threat

What is a Triple Threat in design? The latest edition of the Digital Design Talks series explored this very question. Three illuminating presentations with three very different takes on the theme.

Digital Design students Gary Sylvester, Matthew Dale, and Ryan Hoback showed us just how much a team of five dedicated students can do in under seven weeks when they have a concept they believe in. The Brainstreams BRAINFO’campaign relied on successful integration of communication design, interactive, and motion. Their triple threat team brought together print pamplets and posters, two motion graphics pieces, and a website and social media presence to create a fully interactive experience for a great cause.

Mentor and instructor Sergio Toporek presented some of the big concepts and associated graphics that he is working into a documentary about the effects of imagery. The images and narrative were as inspirational as they were thought provoking, and he even stopped three times to give quick tutorials that impressed even the most savvy Photoshopper in the crowd.

We were very lucky to snag Eric Christianson, the Vice President of Branding for Campbell’s North America on his whirlwind work tour of Vancouver. He provide the flip-side perspective of design – the client with the universally recognized brand. He started out with a triple threat of his own (Idea, Insight & Involvement) followed by breaking down the reasoning behind the successful ‘Help Grow Your Soup’ campaign, then showing the complexities of its cross-media implementation. He rewarded students and faculty with Campbell’s T-shirts and baseball caps for their very intelligent questions.

A huge thank you to all of the presenters!

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