Branding an Eatery: A Feast for the Eyes

In term 3 Branding 1, our students are given the task of creating and designing a new food offering for the area around the VFS Digital Design Homer Street campus. Consideration has to be given to what is currently represented in the marketplace, and what opportunities there are for new eateries. The students need to tackle a complete identity package in seven short weeks that includes the brand name, logo, storefront and environment, menu, stationery and collateral design. Recently, the students gave us some mouth-watering options. Every student created delectable designs but here are some bite-sized highlights.

Gary Sylvester’s offering, Paperbag Prince, is a whimsical take on takeout. This eatery makes great sandwiches and serves them to you just the way you like. In addition to the primary logo (which can be seen on the ordering sheets/takeout bags above), Gary created clever sub-brand logos for each signature sandwich (see main banner image above). The Paperbag Prince is a mouth-watering brand that is a good idea and just what our area needs.

Ronald Dario’s brand, Bay of Pigs, serves delicious and freshly made Cuban cuisine. Customers are able to select and create their meal out of the various items on the menu, letting them have control of the ingredients of which their meal is comprised.

Not only is the concept for the storefront intriguing, but the take-out packaging resembles a picnic basket, lovingly put together for you to take back to your desk. Ronald also designed a roving food truck that dispenses yummy goodness around town. Beautiful idea and a beautiful brand.

And Benson Chang’s brand, Hollow, is another unique concept — a wholesome cafe that serves soup in hollowed out bread. The brand is reminiscent of nature, utilizing an earthy colour palette to connote healthy, hearty cuisine.

By the end of presentation day, we were all starved and left the building, hoping to find some equally interesting lunch choices. Congratulations to all of the students for producing truly scrumptious brands.

Check out these projects and others like them in the showcase section of OOMPH.

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