A Brand New Day

Just when we think our students can’t possibly get any better at branding, they blow us away yet again! Branding 2 is an elective course that builds upon the core principles taught in the Branding 1. During the course, we cover consumer insights, customer experience, brand architecture, big ideas, brand positioning, and, of course, brand identity.

This time around, the students were asked to select from one of three briefs — brand a contemporary art gallery in Gastown, develop the brand for a Vancouver-based boutique hotel, or create a BC airline brand. There was so much great work that we can only profile a few select examples, so here they are. Oh, and someone call Landor, because we have a truck-load of stellar brand strategists!

Let’s take a look at the art galleries’¦

Century Museum

Sadaf Rouhani Haji Agha created the Century Museum. The logo symbol is comprised of brackets which bookend the century and echo the hypothetical building’s structure. Every item is well considered in the system and follows a lovely grid structure.

Interactive Art Gallery

Magda Else Becker envisioned the Interactive Art Gallery. The works well in colour, black and white and outlined formats and is accompanied by the tagline, ‘art 4 the 9 senses”. Magda also created a patterning system derived from the logo, which is used on many branded items. And the theme of true interactivity is embodied on all of the gallery’s store items, such as the mug and tactile cube.


Lina Zhao created Revolutio (the Latin word for “revolution”) and developed the tagline, “a new era of art”.  The logo is inspired by the idea of a spinning stage — a canvas for the art. Stationery items, such as the business cards, show different angles of the spinning logo and, when you put two of them together, it shows the full logo.

Spark: Vancouver’s Digital Playground

Daniel Wiseman developed Spark: Vancouver’s Digital Playground. The concept is that this gallery moves beyond conventional thinking about stodgy museums and elitist art galleries and re-thinks it as “an experience centre” for education and dialogue about digital media. The logo (playfully called “the blossom”) was inspired by the theme of “playful organic” and is a dynamic logo driven by an algorithm.

GIG: Gastown Interactive Gallery

Estefania (Fanny) Acuna conceived of GIG: Gastown Interactive Gallery. Here logo is kinetic and is imbued with the tension of the reversed “i” as an exclamation mark which underscores the evocative and challenging nature of the experience.

Now, on to the boutique hotels’¦


Feryal Khawar developed Kaleidoscope and created the logo as a patterned version of a customized “K”. Items, such as the beauty products, use the central floret of the logo. The colour palette of cream, eggplant and violet are unexpected and modernize the Victorian feel of the brand.


Paulina Solis created the boutique hotel, Nova, which has three sub-branded entities —Albion, the tea lounge, Centro, the pub, and Ivy, the restaurant. In her identity system she also allows for customization in items, such as the postcards that incorporate the photographs of the guests.


Adriana Luhovy imagined Zoya, a boutique hotel where you can “live your dreams”. The beautiful, minimalist logo is applied in unique ways, such as projections on the facade of the hotel.

And, last but not least, the students produced some extraordinary airline brands’¦


Amrit Pal Singh’s regional BC airline, Mighty, believes “It’s the Journey That Matters”.

Following adventure is the core theme of the brand. The folding airplane on the card is so charming and Amrit has developed a great brand voice, such as in the naming of each month’s magazine, ‘Mighty November’, ‘Mighty December’, etc.

Wild Air

Last, but certainly not least, Jiyeon Kim’s airline, Wild Air, utilizes a photographic approach that projects the traveller into the scenery of British Columbia. The brand has a decidedly adventurous feel that taps into the explorer in all of us. Every facet of the brand is well considered, including the naming of the corporate colours (e.g., wild sunset red).

An amazing job all around. Congrats again to all of these brilliant students!

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