Congratulations Class 20!

Digital Design Class 20, you are destined for greatness! Thank you so much for sharing your talents and experience with us and for allowing us to do the same. We had one heck of a celebration last night though, didn’t we? And we really appreciate the personalized mugs you gave us near the end of the awards show. Totally unexpected and so very thoughtful!

It was great to see you all dressed up so nicely and to meet your families. It’s nice to know that there are people out there even more proud of you than we are.

For those of you who could not attend the graduation, here is a quick summary of the night’s award nominees and winners.

Best Communication Design

  • WINNER: Koppie — Rui Qian
  • Hollow — Benson Chang
  • Creepy — Jane Haezer Saputra
  • Bay of Pigs – Ronald Dario
  • TEDx Vancouver — Juan Martinezguerra

Best Team Project

  • WINNER: The World’s Most Dangerous Idea — Jullian Ablaza, Amie Bennett, Ronald Dario
  • Brainstream’s BRAINFO — Gary Sylvester, Matthew Dale, Ryan Hoback, Erman Dumlu, Leon Wong
  • OceansWatch — Jane Haezer, Levente Opelcz, Juan Martinezguerra
  • Cells Can Talk — Benson Chang, Teresa Huesca, Rui Qian

Best Course

  • WINNER: Branding 1 — Maria Kennedy
  • Advanced 3D Graphics — Kai Pedersen
  • Interactive Design 3 — Miles Nurse
  • Packaging — Vida Jurcic
  • User Experience — Miles Nurse

Best Motion Design

  • WINNER: TEDx Vancouver — Amie Bennett
  • Behind the Curtain — Jullian Ablaza
  • Flufee — Jane Haezer Saputra
  • Icarian Dreams — Thomas Mckeen
  • Mustache Envy — Gary Sylvester
  • The Secret Garden — Amie Bennett

Best Designer in Supporting Role

  • WINNER: Amie Bennett
  • Jullian Ablaza
  • Ronald Dario
  • Erman Dumlu
  • Gary Sylvester

Best Interactive Design

  • WINNER: Black Book Brewery — Ryan Hoback
  • Brother’s Tale — Levente Opelcz
  • Dream Engine — Matthew Dale
  • Folios — Rui Qian
  • Sandwich Lovers — Gary Sylvester
  • Semilla — Teresa Huesca

Excellence in Instruction

  • WINNER: Kai Pedersen
  • Kristy Streefkirk
  • Louise Lee
  • Miles Nurse
  • Myron Campbell

Best Graduate Project

  • WINNER: Sandwich Lovers — Gary Sylvester
  • Behind the Curtain — Jullian Ablaza
  • Black Book Brewery — Ryan Hoback
  • Brother’s Tale — Levente Opelcz
  • Folios — Rui Qian
  • TEDx Vancouver — Amie Bennett

Best Portfolio

The project, Brainstreams BRAINFO by Gary Sylvester, Matthew Dale, Ryan Hoback, Erman Dumlu, and Leon Wong, was awarded a special honour for Social Change by the client, Mitch Loreth representing Brainstreams.

Special Awards for Outstanding Achievement were given to Levente Opeltz and Jullian Ablaza for incredible execution of hugely ambitious and successful graduate projects — Brother’s Tale and Behind The Curtain. 

Digital Design Class 20 with Peter Jin Hong

Special thanks to Peter Jin Hong, our visiting Artist in Residence this week from Google+ Photos for showing his support by participating in the graduation ceremony and for his lovely gift to the students.

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