Interactive Triple Threat

Students who enroll in the Digital Design Program start with an interactive triple threat. During there first two months in the program, they are given courses in User Experience, Interface Design and Information Architecture. The goal is to provide students with a strong foundation in understanding how information, systems and user desires need to work harmoniously in order to create great experiences.

User Experience is the foundation for all design. In this course, students are exposed to the process and core philosophies of human centered design. During the term, students are given the opportunity to redesign and re-imagine the world by researching, conceptualizing and pitching a feasible, viable, and desirable design solution.

Future Home Concept Proposal

The Interface Design 1 course introduces students to the concepts, principles and techniques to design effective interfaces. Students explore areas of memory load, affordances, recognition vs. recall, visual layout techniques, grids, and sensorial design techniques.

Thermostat Design Proposal

The Information Architecture 1 course provides students with a foundation in creating informational systems for interactive experiences. Students understand how to structure and navigate information while creating usability testing strategies to validate their design solutions. Skills taught in this course are carried forward when students looks at information systems for mobile and tablet devices later in the program.

Information Architecture Diagram: Site 985

By the end of the first term students are equipped with the process, tools, and design thinking necessary to tackle complex creative briefs.


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