Into sight with Motion Graphics —The Importance Of A Good Reel

As our graduate projects come up over the horizon & into sight here at VFS, all the mentor pitches and networking with creative professionals provide a great opportunity to start making a name for ourselves in our fields of interest. And what better way to do so than with a short motion graphics reel that can give anyone insight into my skills, interests, and style.

I previously had a reel on my homepage, but it didn’t meet my needs or my goals anymore as it was outdated with earlier works and filled with all sorts of mediums. It didn’t reflect the focus & passion I have for motion design, so something had to be done. I took some of my best motion graphics work, edited it to a track that I had been listening to repeatedly, and created something much better for my needs: focused, to the point, and nicely synced—something I’m more than happy to show to other creatives.

P.S. – After editing it all together in Premiere I realized that all of the motion graphics I chose to include in this little reel were created in the time Ive been here at VFS. I’m only 7 months into the course, which means I’ll most likely be making another reel before I graduate. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with my time here!

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