Kyle Norby Joins Our Team

VFS Digital Design proudly welcomes Kyle Norby to our team as the Senior Instructor of Motion Design. An After Effects and Cinema 4D guru, Kyle joins us from San Francisco.

When Kyle was a child, his time was usually spent indoors with a sketchbook, cartoons, and a giant crate filled with Lego. He found that this childhood passion resonated perfectly with the immersive realm of motion graphic design and he fell in love with animation and 3D graphics. In high school, he taught himself how to create webpages and music videos, and he acquired enough clients by word of mouth that he was able to buy his first car. Then, after obtaining a BAS in Motion Graphics, he pursued his career for several years in the industry as an animator, utilizing Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, and a slew of other programs. He refined his animation techniques under the influence of mentors from Pixar, which he leveraged into a part-time job teaching at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, located in Emeryville, California. Teaching and helping other artists reach their full potential has thus become another deep passion.

Kyle is quite enthusiastic about becoming Senior Instructor in Digital Design. As he says, ‘When I was offered the position at VFS, I couldn’t believe my luck. I’ve been a VFS fan ever since I discovered the school and have always admired the philosophy and quality of its reputation in the industry. I am honored to be part of the team and the position and community have already exceeded my expectations.’

We are very happy to have him!

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