Branding 1: Understanding brands & their impact on our lives

Branding 1 Presentations

Students from VFS Digital Design course Branding 1 recently presented some of their work, and it certainly shows how well they’ve taken to the ideas!

Branding on Truck
The course provides students with a deep understanding of brands and their impact on our lives. It gives them the opportunity to research, plan and create a new brand, and are challenged to consider that brand’s relevance for its target audience.

Branding 1 Presentations

Students are exposed to stimulus material from various fields of study and given opportunities to explore the world of brands around them. They are encouraged to dissect the concepts and artifacts of branding in a critical and design-conscious manner.

Branding on truck

After learning about the concepts of the branding and brand identity, color theories, and patterns, students research what the brands are all about. Then their assignment is to develop a brand strategy and some assets for a new street food vehicle in the VFS area.

Branding 1 Presentations

These are some of the assets that students create in the course:

  • Name
  • Brand identity, logo etc.
  • Business Cards
  • Menu
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Takeout packaging
  • Uniforms/aprons/hats/t-shirts
  • Poster

Branding on bags

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