A Fresh Start at Tribal DDB

Jane & Benson

A few months after our graduation in December 2011, we (Jane Haezer Saputra & Benson Chan) were fortunate enough to land internships at Tribal DDB. (Yay!!) As Information Architect and Design interns, respectively, we both have had surprisingly similar and yet also different experiences. Below are short recollections on our everyday experiences here at Tribal DDB.


I enjoyed working as a Design Intern at Tribal DDB very much. I got the opportunity for Jan-March 2012. It’s really hard to believe that I can get a foot into the industry that fast. As a Design Intern, I helped the designers, art directors and creative directors to execute their ideas and do the production work. Sometimes, I even helped Karacters (Tribal DDB’s branding team) with some of their print work. I also had to participate in the client meetings, brainstorming sessions and with research. It is a lot of fun! Not only did I get to be involved in the design process, I also learnt a lot from the experience. Such as, the pixel perfect design (Much more strict than in VFS), answering to producers, timesheets (yes people! It’s important!!), and helping the art directors to realize their vision of the projects. My work involved BCLC, Hoopla, Canadian Tire, Canadian Tourism Commission, Subaru and Ausenco, and much more. After the internship, I was really happy to get hired as a Contract Junior Designer at Tribal DDB. I’m really thankful to VFS instructors for everything they have taught me up to this point.


Like Benson, I too feel very fortunate to have landed this internship opportunity. As an Information Architect Intern, I work closely with Kristy Streefkerk, and also with other senior designers and art directors, copywriters, and Benson. This opportunity has allowed me to apply knowledge that I got from VFS, and gain new knowledge and experience. Which includes, being part of a consulting team (interactive wise) for a new project, handling wireframes, and having to answer to producers, a senior designer, clients, and so on. I am very excited for the future, and can’t wait to learn and grow more and more in this awesome industry!

snack robot

Of course, being at Tribal DDB doesn’t just consist of doing work and more work. We also have a lot of fun! There’s Hot Dog Day, which happens every last Friday of the month (check out the photos below!!), Birthday Friday, Snack Wednesday (and Friday),  and of course Beer Friday. (Do you see why we love Friday so much?) So next time you decide to visit Tribal for a tour, interview, or for visitations, made sure it’s on a Friday!! Cheers!!



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