Mr. Bumbel’s Museum Of Toys, by Amrit Pal Singh

Mr Bumbel's Museum of Toys

Recent VFS Digital Design graduate, Amrit Pal Singh, had his graduate project, Mr. Bumbel’s Museum Of Toys, featured in the Computer Arts’ Daily Inspiration Gallery for Tuesday April 24 2012. The link to his piece is the last thumbnail in the carousel that appears just under the paragraph of text.

Here’s how he describes the project:

Mr. Bumbelâ’s Vintage Toy Museum is a time capsule, giving future generations the opportunity to see what their parents and grandparents played with. Re-discover a time fueled by young creative minds, encapsulating toys’ endless possibilities. Empower yourself by revisiting your inner child. Reminisce of a limitless world.

Speaking to us about his process for creating the project he says, “I have been inspired by toys since I was a kid; they take you back to a world where your imagination can make anything possible. These days, video games seem to limit your mind, leading you to follow a pre-written story made by someone else. By doing this project, I wanted the audience to revisit their childhood adventures and acknowledge that era of imagination.”

Congratulations Amrit!

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