The Art of Launching an App

Many Digital Design grads end up working at agencies, software development companies, social game companies; but  in some cases grads decided to create their own companies or pursue launching products in an “app store.” Smashing Magazine recently launched a great article for entrepreneurs who are looking at launching an app.  A count of 91,754 iOS apps and 122,220 Android apps were released between 16 May and 8 September 2011, according to a recent Mobilewalla report. Understanding how to navigate this space is critical to success.

The difference often is choosing the right market and creating products that users desire. This is something we introduce to students early with lessons in User Experience. Later we build on this with classes in branding, KPI’s, interactive design for mobile and tablet devices, and we end with lessons in creating rewarding experiences with the Gamification of Life course.  Students leave the program equipped to produce high quality designs while creating platforms for exposing and promoting themselves and their amazing portfolio of work.

John Casey of Smashing Magazine writes; “Many developers fall into the trap of allocating tight budget dollars to quick ‘tech’ fixes in a desperate attempt to lift their app above the crowd. However, in this age of digital distraction, one mechanism to help that tree stand out is a tried-and-true PR marketing campaign. And the best initiatives are those that involve choosing strategic partners, creating clever story angles that dovetail with newsworthy occasions, and running a cause marketing campaign and contest. This case study will cover some of these tactics and offer some of the lessons we learned along the way.”

Visit Smashing Magazine to read the entire article.

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