Origami : Where science meets art

Still from Between the Folds

A couple of years ago, I went through a phase where I watched 2 to 4 documentaries per day. Between the Folds, a documentary on the art of origami, was one in particular that fascinated me.

“Origami is just a way to get your hands dirty with math,” was one quote from the film that resonated with me, and I found that the most impressive structures shown in the documentary were heavily mathematical and clearly beyond my capabilities. I wondered if complex mathematical equations were necessary to practice this form of art, but was relieved to see artists around the world who found and evolved new ways to re-create such origami methods as non-deterministic folding (crumpling) and wetting the paper to mash it in place. In essence, it’s still the same, where folds are the primary means of creating the structure from a single or multiple piece(s) of paper without cuts.

For me, the most inspiring part is taking a simple element and transforming it into something totally different, where you can’t recognize the original state. This is why I enjoy After Effects so much because I can start from a simple solid as a base and create a complex piece of art.

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