Big Ideas makes a Big Impact : Part 2

Peak Oil Team

VFS Digital Design’s Big Ideas course gives students the opportunity to utilize their well-honed skills while working closely with local non-profit organizations to give back to communities in need. Big Ideas gives our students exposure to real clients, so as to apply innovative solutions, meant to be easily implemented, to their challenging problems. It provides them with the chance to create designs that effect real change in the world. Over an intense two-month period, students in teams fervently work to create awareness campaigns, branding concepts, and inspirational motion pieces.

The creative process for this term’s Big Ideas course was mentored by industry veterans Tiffany Hamilton (Director at Arista Investment Group Inc.) and Gagan Diesh (Creative Director at DesignStamp). The clients were the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation & the Vancouver Peak Oil Organization.

In this post, we look at the brief for Vancouver Peak Oil Organization — in Part 1, we looked at the Strachan Hartley Legacy Foundation (SHLFbrief.

Big Ideas part 2

Two members of the Vancouver Peak Oil Organization spoke to the class, giving background on the topic of Peak Oil  (“the point in time when the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production is expected to enter terminal decline”), and explained its impact on our society and the world. The goal for the students was to create an education and awareness campaign.

Peak Oil Team 1

One team carefully researched the topic and looked at previous successful public initiatives that focused on making a significant impact based upon small changes. For their own initiative they zeroed in on food transportation. Consumers who are informed about the value of purchasing locally produced food could make an impact on the expenditure of oil used for shipping food across great distances. To this end, the team produced an Information Animation Motion Video, which included cost comparisons based upon consumer choices, and they developed a Mobile Application (iPhone) to help the public easily find local food for purchase in locations across the city.

Peak Oil Team 1 B

The next team, after equally careful reflection, developed a controlling theme to govern their approach: Oil Is An Addiction. They produced a powerful Animated Motion Video, rich with creative Infographics to explain the Peak Oil concept in straightforward terms. They designed an Educational Website that explores further the implications of Peak Oil, and which houses the Motion Infographic.

Team 2 A

The website also manages a contest that encourages youth to produce videos centred on the question, What Is My Addiction? – in order to help them learn about their own uses of oil and how it relates to the Peak Oil concept. Winning videos would be featured on the site. Continuing the theme of education, the team developed a curriculum for BC teachers to use in conjunction with the website, suggesting an integration of the video contest into a program of high school social studies. This focus on students in the context of a contest within a school program was meant to serve as an information bridge to their parents, as well.

Team 2

The students once again succeeded in wowing the clients. Here’s what Richard Balfour, Vancouver Peak Oil Executive had to say about the students’ work:

“We would like to put the students’ work immediately on the Vancouver Peak Oil website and make it accessible for exposure on other related websites. As well, we would like to put VFS in contact with a local BC teacher trying to teach this topic, to help him with all of these very helpful tools: the motion pieces, website and contest concept. Too bad that we didn’t have these types of videos and websites in the 70s – imagine what a difference that would have made.”

Congratulations to the students for their great work!

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