Branding the Cozina Foodtruck : Traditional Portuguese Snacks

Empada Chicken Pie

When VFS Instructor Maria Kennedy assigned us our project for Branding 01 (Term 03), I immediately started creating ideas and producing images in my mind. The brief was to create a Food Truck that would be placed in Victoria Square (West Hastings & Cambie) targeted at VFS students and workers from around the area. I knew I wanted to create something unique — something that couldn’t be found anywhere else in Vancouver.

Being from Portugal gave me a lot of inspiration, because European culture (especially Mediterranean) is already distinct. And when it comes to food, the Southern Countries have a really rich cuisine. So I realized that if I did something related to Portugal, it would definitely be unique.

Cozina Pastel Codfish cake Poster

Our primary target audience was VFS students, and from the surveys we realized that, besides wanting a cheap, fast and healthy meal, students want something different and exotic; something they can easily remember when they are deciding where to go for lunch. So, my key words were: Unique, Homemade, Fast and Memorable. The solution: Traditional Portuguese snacks.

Cozina Menus : 4 Variations

The next step was to come up with a visual inspiration. My mood boards were based on the Portuguese culture, from architecture to fashion to (of course) food. I realized Portuguese traditional art uses a lot of patterns, and that the predominant color is yellow.

4 patterns for Food Truck

For the name, after brainstorming with the whole class, I came up with Cozina. The rationale is really simple: I wanted it to relate to homemade food, the kind that reminds us our grandmas. However, the Portuguese word for “kitchen” is Cozinha, which is a difficult word for English first language speakers to pronounce (they get confused by the n and the h being together) — so, we took the h away.

After that, came the hardest part: The logo. I bugged Maria as much as I could to get her feedback. I wasn’t happy with my first result, so I went back to the moodboards, and I noticed the onions and garlic bulbs. That gave me the inspiration I needed, and here is the result!

Cozina Logo Taste the Mediterranean

The rest was easy. I started playing with the logo, rotating and reflecting it until I got patterns. The colours are related to Portugal (green, red and yellow), but more than that, they remind us of an old kitchen from the 60′s — or, at least, it reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen. -)

Cozina Kitchen Accessories

The packaging was another thing that was difficult for me to be satisfied with. The one I originally presented at the end of term was actually different from what I started with. During the break I found these paper bags created by Dutch designer Ilvy Jacobs, and she kindly allowed me to use her graduation paper bags’ project. So I redid that part of the project, and now I’m really happy with the result.

Green Cozina Bags

Cozina T-Shirt (mens) Red

Cozina Food Trucks:  4 Variations

Cozina Taste the Mediterrarean

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