Digital Design Summer Intensive : The Superhero Branding Element

Moustache Man

Day 3 of the Digital Design Summer Intensive started with a tutorial in Photoshop, lead by Senior Instructor Myron Campbell, with help by Teaching Assitant Thomas McKeen. After a brief but comprehensive introduction to the interface, including a rundown of some of the critical tools that would be needed for the excercise, as well as some handy tips for working with a smoother flow (e.g., good keyboard shortcuts for managing your workspace and quick toggling between tools), Myron guided the students in the next phase of their project (Branding a Superhero), which was creating a background using Masking and Blending techniques. Later, the results would be used in the After Effects workshop as backgrounds for their Superhero Motion piece, where they would demonstrate their character’s special pose and super power, as is shown above with the awesome Mustache Man.

Elements for Photoshop Collage

For Myron’s tutorial he started with some basic elements, as shown in the top image and blended them together quite nicely to create the background in the image below.

Photoshop Digital Collage of Elements After

For the Afternoon Session, the students met with Senior Instructor Kyle Norby for a workshop in After Effects, with help from Multimedia Specialist Danny Chan, where after importing their backgrounds into their Supehero Motion piece, they learnt how to create a smooth slow motion effect and visualize their character’s super power. Check out these few examples:

Superhero Pose of Power — Jimena

Superhero Pose of Power—Jose

Superhero Pose of Power—Felipe

It was very intersting to see how the students were defining their characters and creating a demonstration of their powers, along with their poses, as a kind of signature. It becomes interesting when thinking about this exercise in the context of creating a brand. What is the brand, exactly — is it the emblem, the pose, the visualization of the character’s power? — What about the environment (i.e., the background), could that also be the brand? — Maybe it’s all of the above, and perhaps something more, something maybe that’s a little harder to reduce to a single element. Perhaps as we go along, it will become a little more evident. Stay tuned!

Superhero Pose of Power—Matt

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