Review: Digital Design Talks Play / Pause

Digital Design Talks Play-Pause Myron

The Digital Design Talks presentations on Wednesday, July 18 (Play / Pause) were informative, inspiring and exciting. After a brief introduction by Senior Instructor and acting Head of Department, Myron Campbell, the night kicked off with a presentation by current Digital Design students Nicholas Maykot Ferreira and Dominik Grejc. Safe to say, the Motion Graphic piece for their Grad Project MOVA blew away the audience. It’s clear these two have a great working relationship and are clearly capable of doing great things in the future. We’ll definitely be featuring a post on their project here on OOMPH that will include the piece, as soon as it is ready.

Digital Design Talks Play-Pause Dominik & Nicholas MOVA

Nicholas and Dominik were a hard act to follow, but the VP Education of the Society for The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada BC (GDC BC) Johnathon Vaughn Strebly did a great job of presenting in an informal but generous way, not only the benefits of membership in a society such as the GDC, but also, great advice for novice designers to help them keep true to their own philosophy and to make sure they develop good business practices that will ensure their own success.

Johnathon Vaughn Strebly VP Education GDC BC

The evening finished off with an inspiring review of Kim Oxlund’s experience since his graduation from Digital Design. Kim did some pretty amazing work while he was here at VFS and he continues to do so, defying narrow definitions of what it means to be a designer, and showing that the focus is not so much a matter of your identity as it is your interest and your experience with other people. For Kim, really, at the heart of the matter, for all his creative work, the one constant is music — It’s as though he has learnt a deep understanding of what composition is in a general sense from music that he now applies to all his work, whether it be Motion Design, Sound Design, or Interactive Design – In the end it’s all design, it’s all creation, it’s all music.

Digital Design Talks Kim Oxlund

What a great inspiring night. Congratulations to Digital Design Program Manager Sholeh Atash for a great evening, and I can’t wait until the next Digital Design Talks.

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