Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart : Paulina Solis

Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart

Ayogo Games took on VFS Digital Design grad Paulina Solis as a paid Intern back in April of this year — right after her presentation at Appetizers. Paulina, who graduated with honours, was the first recipient of the Ayogo Games + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart Program. I recently spent some time talking with her about her experience.

Paulina Solis at Ayogo Games

Michael Boyce: How did you feel when you first found out about the Internship at Ayogo?

Paulina Solis: I was really excited because I had already heard about Ayogo and their games and their approach, and I spoke with them when they came to VFS to showcase some of their work and to talk about the Internship. So, when the opportunity came up, I knew I was going to learn a lot from them, and that it was going to be fun too.

MB: How do you like being there?

PS: Ayogo is a really nice place. People are always so friendly. You don’t feel ashamed about asking for help, or for more information about some specific topic.

MB: What sort of work have you been doing for them?

PS: Mostly Interactive Design. I’ve worked on a lot of projects, actually. They’ve kept me very busy, which is very good. I’ve helped design a mobile application, worked on the User Interface for one of their Social Games, I’ve worked on one website and now I’m working on another.

MB: Was it what you expected?

PS: At first I didn’t know what to expect — this is the first time I’ve worked as an Interactive Designer, which means everything was new and exciting. I’ve hever had the chance to design for Social Games, and I think it’s really cool. The thinking is different for it — the strategy and communication.

MB: How did your experience at VFS Digital Design prepare you for your Internship at Ayogo? How did the courses, instructors, other students and the overall culture help you?

PS: Everything and everyone was helpful through out the process. And, of course, the instructors are the best in their areas. VFS makes you understand the importance of a plan, how to work in a group and manage time constraints. You learn how to talk to clients, to understand their perspectives and define goals for a specific project. I learned a lot at VFS, but this was the time to prove it!

Paulina Solis Brainstorming at VFS

MB: Do you think that you have grown from your experience?

PS: Ayogo has helped me learn more. Right from the beginning, they’ve always taken care to include me in different aspects of a project: Meeting with clients, Brainstorming, etc. — as well as designing.

MB: It’s great that you have developed some new skills and interests while being at Ayogo. Has it changed how you think about your professional future?

PS: I don’t know what’s next for me, but I’m really sure I want to continue designing and learning every day.

The Ayogo website project, Small Things, is designed for families with children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Here is some of the design work that Paulina did for the project (— she also designed the Landing Page):

Icons dor Small things Website

Thanks Paulina for taking the time to tell us your story and congratulations on your Internship — we wish you all the best for the future!

The  Ayogo Games + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart Program is open to every graduating class of VFS Digital Design.

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