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I sat in on VFS Digital Design Instructor Maria Kennedy’s Branding 2 class, where students were presenting their work, and I was quite impressed with the results. The presentations were presided over by Digital Design instructor Karen Whistler, Senior Instructor and acting Head of Department, Myron Campbell, and Program Manager, Sholeh Atash. The feedback was encouraging, yet critical in a constructive way, highlighting the strengths of each student’s work and outlining ways to address inconsistencies and ensure more cohesion in the application of the brand essence, while also guiding them in the art of presentation itself.

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The classroom is a safe arena for practicing a pitch or a presentation of creative ideas, but it is critical that students be prepared for communicating effectively to an actual client. In this respect, the presentations are an integral part of the project — not just in terms of the visual representation of the branding, i.e., the creative assets, the consistency with which the essence of the brand is applied across different platforms and aspects of the business (e.g. print, web-based and mobile-based promotions and customer service portals, employee uniforms, hotel supplies, airline boarding passes, signage, decor, etc.), but also in terms of the story the designers tell the client about their process and the realization of the solution.

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As with any good story, the order of events, the build from a clear statement of the problem to a satisfying conclusion, is important, but just as important is the spirit of the telling — the degree of enthusiasm and conviction that is conveyed.  And with respect to that, Myron and Karen’s feedback underscored the importance of the students “owning” their creative ideas, particularly as an important component to their being good story-tellers. Which amounts to an interesting concept: to be a good designer, you need to be a good story-teller.

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The students, while listening to both suggestions and critiques, showed great professional bearing and an evident commitment to improving their work. Some of this work will be further developed into their final projects, and it looks like the results are going to be great. Stay tuned to oomph for more developments in their stories.

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