Digital Design 2012 Summer Intensive Redux

Still from Sebastian's Summer Intensive Motion piece

Last July (16-20) VFS Digital Design ran it’s Summer Intensive Program, and I sat in for a first hand look into the student experience. I soon discovered that the program was aptly titled — it was indeed intense — but it was also engaging and exciting, and a lot of fun. The students definitely got into producing their projects, and they also appreciated having the opportunity to meet and work with students who are currently in the full-time program (by way of the Digital Design SLAM, which mixed students at three different stages of the full-time program with Summer Intensive students, as well as with students from the Foundation Program).

Still from Pamela's Summer Intensive Motion Piece

The focus for the 2012 Summer Intensive was on Motion Design and the theme was branding yourself as a Superhero. I wrote a series of oomph posts throughout the week showing the progress of students and included some photos of their work.

Now these Motion pieces, showing the student’s Superhero poses and illustrating their Super-Powers, are currently featured on the Digital Design Vimeo Channel. I encourage you to watch them all, but here is a sample result done by Bruno Carvalhaes using Motion Design instructor Kyle Norby in his Hue-Man incarnation.

I really think the exercise was a very interesting way of teaching students how to approach the prospect of creating a brand. It could be fun to see what results would come from starting a branding process by imagining a company as a Superhero, its business as its Super-Power, and thinking about its costume, its environment and etc. (perhaps even its nemesis), as its look, its culture, its solution to a problem, etc. — That is, think of all of the client’s company or product in Superhero terms at first, and then translate the results into a language more specific to the company’s real world identity. It could be a good creative trick to help get you thinking about the brief from a fresh perspective, and to understand that branding is about more than just creating a logo — the results could be surprising and delightful.

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