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Students from the 24th Digital Design Class paid a visit to the Vancouver creative firm Hangar18 (not the infamous alleged location of the Roswell incident — although it is named after that mysterious place). Hangar 18 Creative Group was formed in 1996 by two graphic designers (including Digital Design Instructor Vida Jurcic) and a copywriter (Nigel Yonge).  Hangar18 has since grown in employees, capacity and accolades — but they are still small enough that their senior people can play a direct role with their clients.

The students were given some background and got a chance to have their questions answered by co-founder and co-Creative Director, Vida Jurcic.

Digital Design students get background info from Vida Jurcic

Questions ran the gamut from how clients fiind Hangar18 (primarily through referrals and Requests for Proposal) to what they think is important when interviewing and showing one’s portfolio (creativity, problem solving, people skills, articulateness, good hygiene and good presentation skills). They found out that the company is moving towards producing more video and motion graphic work.

Times are changing for a lot of agencies, more are using subcontractors and freelancers, and they refer good work to one another. As Vida says, “Vancouver is a small city and everyone knows everyone. The agencies help each other out.”

Speaking more about the subject, Vida mentioned that clients typically are not spending as much as they used to 10 years ago. “There’s an increase in DIY (Do It Yourself) culture, as more people are able to use the same technology as the professionals.” But just because the tools of design are more readily available, doesn’t guarantee the creation of good design. Having the tools, knowing what they are capable of, is important, but in itslef, that’s are not enough. “Technology can hinder as much as it helps. There’s a lot of bad design out there.” Which is why her final advice to the class was about why learning to push boundaries and experiment is so important, because the tools won’t help without the understanding of what makes good design itself.

Hangar 18 Business card

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