Inspiring things : Invention of Love by Andrey Shuskov

Beautiful things inspire me.

There are moments, days, even weeks when I feel lost and un-creative. It’s as if I’m missing a piece — that last, lost piece of the puzzle that completes me.

Then I see it, that something different, that something that is maybe strange to look at, or that is just oddly beautiful.

This animated short film by Andrey Shuskov, entitled Invention of Love, was one of those strange beautiful things that hit the spot. I remember first seeing this video a little over a year ago, when I happened to be feeling stuck in a rut with my life.

It may not have directly affected what art works and life choices I made soon after, as I’m sure I had watched at least 20 or so other videos while working that day, but something happened — my eyes had seen something new.

It felt like someone was holding up a sign to me saying: “HEY, HEY YOU! Come look over this way — there is some cool S#*T down this Rabbit Hole!”

And much like in the movies I watched as a child, I looked down that Rabbit Hole and whole heartedly fell into it.

So here I am, living a very big adventure in my own personalized Wonderland. But unlike Alice in her story, I hope to never wake up from this amazing dream.

It’s wonderful when you embrace this life as its own adventure.

Go find your own rabbit hole and dive in head first, trust me, it’s definitely not boring.

Love life, love yourself.

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