Jody Xiong : Green Pedestrian Crossing

Greener Pedestrian Crossing - 1

Green Pedestrian Crossing is a unique installation by Jody XiongCreative Director of DDB China. Their client, CEPF (China Environmental Protection Foundation), requested an outdoor street advertisement that would encourage Chinese citizens to engage in environmental friendliness.

So what did Jody do?

Greener Pedestrian Crossing - 2

He created and placed these 19.2 x 7 meter canvases on seven busy Shanghai streets (which later expanded to 15 Chinese cities). The location was picked to show the contrast between driving and walking, and their individual environmental impacts.

Don’t worry! The paint was environmentally friendly and water soluble.

Greener Pedestrian Crossing - 3

It’s admirable how well Jody Xiong manages to integrate interactivity into his design, while still communicating the intended message. Jody Xiong emphasizes the importance of having a strong concept within design — I hope to become as clever as him!

Watch the video below to watch the installation in action!

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