Jullian Ablaza’s “Benched” Awarded at 48Hr Festival

Screengrab from Benched 01

It started off with Jullian Ablaza and his Team Sleepyhead getting short-listed for the 48 hour Film Project (48HFP) Competition against 12 other teams. On the night of the competition screenings, their film was last to be shown.

According to Jullian, “it got an awesome audience reaction! We were very happy about that.”

“The competition was much, much stronger than I expected. There were at least 2 or 3 others I thought could have taken the top seat.”

So, how did they do? The awards were handed out gradually. First…

Best Actor Award Winners Tate Yap & Ekow Nimako

“We did quite well for ourselves!  My two actors (Tate Yap & Ekow Nimako) both won Best Actor Awards — so that made 2 wins off the bat.”

“Then we won Audience Favorite for the initial screening Group C. “

“Then, I won Best Director! (I was really happy about this — and it was quite unexpected).”

Best Direction Winner Jullain Ablaza

Screengrab from Benched 03

“Then came the last two awards….
Runner Up gets called…and…  it’s Benched by team Sleepyhead! “

“Ok — We were really happy about getting second place, but of course, it fell a little bit short of our goal for first.”

“Over-all, it was a great, great experience! Getting Runner-Up got me really hungry for the next one to do even better. I’m really proud of our little team and what we accomplished. I’m looking forward to going on to the next big thing.”

Screengrab from Benched 04

Congratulations to Jullian and Team Sleephead: Andre Arevalo, Ekow Nimako, Jessica Finch, Tate Yap, Sly Yap, Cynthia Yap & Tristen Yap !

The full list of award winners is here.

If you like to see what they were honored for, have a look at the Benched video here.

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