Learning From Bad Design

If good design is invisible, then bad design is as obvious as a sledgehammer to the face.

A few weeks ago I went out with a friend to grab a drink at a local bar. For the sake of the establishment, we will call this bar Frank’s. Now my friend was very eager to share this bar with me as they had some of the best ‘Tennessee Teas’ she’d ever had. Although I had past by Frank’s many times over the years, I had never stepped inside. My designer friend didn’t hesitate to tell me that once I got in, I would probably find something pretty funny about their menu’s logo. And sure I did.

This my friends, was the brilliant logo Frank’s chose for their menu.  Now maybe it was because my friend had already planted the seed of intrigue that I even found something to see, but when I first looked at Frank’s logo, I couldn’t help but see an unfinished swastika.

See what I’m saying?

What blew my mind was that at some point a graphic designer actually made the conscious choice to use this as the logo… and not only that, but they thought it was a good idea too!

There are plenty of sites that are dedicated to pointing out the blunders of bad design and they can be comical and ridiculous. They can also be something that we can learn from, because as designers we can all flub up and make mistakes.

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