The Role of Gamification in Design

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In November 2012, I had the opportunity to attend the Adobe Max and Design Thinkers Conferences in Toronto. I would highly recommend attending these annual Design Conferences.

Design Thinkers Conference

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This year speakers for the Design Thinkers Conference, which is put on by RGD Ontario Group included:  Sean Adams & Noreen Morioka, Glenn John Arnowitz, Susan Bradley, David Butler, Nadine Chahine, Tom Eslinger, Justin Ferrell, Francesco Franchi, Bryony Gomez-Palacio, Chris Hacker, Stephen Hart, Julia Hoffmann, Randy J. Hunt, Neil Kellerhouse, Mike Kruzeniski, Jake & Pum Lefebure, Harry Pearce, Andy Pratt, Stefan Sagmeister, Gabor Schreier, Christopher Simmons, Steve Slaunwhite, Kris Sowersby, Lisa Strausfeld, Sophie Thomas, Oscar Tillman & Nicole Muniz, Jason Tselentis.

Topics included: Sustainable Design, Design Approaches, New Technologies, Engaging with New Cultures, Storytelling, Information / Data Design, Intuitive Design Approaches, Dealing with Clients, Best Practices, and many more.

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The Adobe MAX Creativity Conference

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I was also invited to speak at the Adobe Max conference to provide insight and tips about Gamification. Gamification as a term has become accepted by non-game design circles, but shunned within the game design community, due to a misconception amongst many clients that you can simply gamify an experience.

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I spoke specifically to the notion of integrating design processes vs adoption and application. I firmly believe that the future pioneers in User Experience Design will understand the principles of Human Computer Interaction, Game Design, and designing for lifestyle, inclusively. This will require a new unilateral approach to design: An approach that considers the User Experience hierarchy, while also understanding how traditional System Design is about understanding behaviour vs leveraging game design to change people’s behaviour.

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