Urna Bios : Thinking outside of the (coffin) box


Not too long before I started the Digital Design Program here at VFS, I came across this very interesting product: Urna Bios, designed by Martin Azuz.

I felt it was so well designed, appealing such to a large group of people, that this alone could inspire someone to be a designer — or make an already made designer go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Urna Bios are biodegradable Urns… Urns that can be planted into the ground so you can help the growth and nourishment of a tree. You are given the option to choose what type of tree and the knowledge that you are furthering the sustainability of our planet.

This takes something that many people do not want to talk about, and brings light to the grand event at the end of the road. How powerful it is to design a product that is simple enough to produce and develop at a low cost, and yet which lets people feel more at ease with the age old question “what happens when you die?” — all while benefiting the health of our planet.

Though this is not a product for everyone, it is nice to know there are people thinking of those who might like the more nontraditional side of things.

Design is Everywhere!

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