Daito Manabe : Nike Music Shoe

Nike Music Shoe is an ad that was made for Nike when they launched Nike Free Run+. The video below shows what Nike Japan used to advertise Nike’s new line of shoes, where flexibility was their main focus. I find it ingenious how they came up with an ad that perfectly demonstrates that particular feature of the shoes by creating music from the various ways to bend the sole.

This is a collaborative work done by Tomoaki Yanagisawa and Daito Manabe along with the artists that performed, Hifana. Although this ad is already famous and slightly dated, I was actually lead to this work because I follow the work of Daito Manabe, who can be spotted in the video sitting in front of his laptop, as the sound programmer.

Daito Manabe titles himself an artist, designer, programmer, DJ, VJ, and composer. On his website, he lists numerous works he’s done in the past years, tackling many creative projects with a strong focus on technology and sound design. Not knowing what I could actually do, I always had a broad dream of doing something in-between arts and science, or something involving both design and technology. Manabe’s works were what opened my eyes to media arts and showed me the possibilities for a career in digital arts/design. I admire him for his creativity, as well as his visual and musical ideas that he actually brings into the real world with his programming skills.

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