Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains

North Shore Mountains photo by keepsitreal Kyle Pearce

In Vancouver, it’s easy to take for granted the sheer natural beauty of the city and its surrounding landscape. Having lived in this city for well over 10 years now, I can safely call myself a “Vancouverite”, and I enjoy the privilege of living in the “best place on earth”. But despite the number of years I have inhabited this place, one of the many things about this city that never ceases to amaze me (no, I’m not talking about the rain — perhaps that’s simply the cost of living in this pretty city) is the North Shore Mountains. The natural backdrop they provide against downtown Vancouver is a sight that I can never get tired of. Especially now that I take the number 16 bus to get to VFS Digital Design on a daily basis, I have the pleasure of taking in the captivating mountains set perfectly behind English Bay and Stanley Park as my bus glides along Granville Bridge. In fact, I try my best to seat myself on the right side of the bus just so I can catch the breathtaking panorama everyday (given that the weather isn’t dismal).

I have to be honest with myself — what is it about the mountain slopes that captivates me time and time again? Not to get all existential or anything, but perhaps it’s just embedded in us to admire nature. I mean, if you think about it, the earliest forms of human artwork and design found its inspiration in nature — maybe it’s the root of our design inspiration… Who knows? Though I have to say, that out of all the years spent here in Vancouver, the fact that I always take the time to gaze upon the mountains whenever given the chance, must be saying something. I might be letting myself be more philosophical than I’d like to be, but I just can’t deny the fact that every time I see the mountains, I am in awe.

And maybe that’s what design is all about.

*Fun fact: If you are new to Vancouver, see if you can find the wind turbine on top of one of the mountains. Bonus points if it’s on a cloudy day.

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