Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart : Ricard Adrianza

Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart

Ricard Adrianza, who was part of the 23rd graduating class of Digital Design, is the latest intern at Ayogo Games, who have a partnership program with Digital Design  — the Ayogo + VFS Digital Design Career Jumpstart. After seeing his work at our Industry Night Event, Appetizers, Ayogo included Ricard as one of their top candidates, and after an interview process, they chose him as their latest Interactive Design Intern. It’s not hard to see why — while in the program Ricard produced work that was outstanding and inventive. Just have a look at his portfolio to see for yourself.

Ricard at workstation at Ayogo Games

We caught up with Ricard to get a first hand account of his experience as an Interactive Design intern at Ayogo games.

When did your internship with Ayogo begin, and how did you get the position?

Ricard Adrianza:  I started in mid January, almost a month after graduating from VFS. I got the position by applying through Ayogo’s website. After some email exchanges, we scheduled the job interview, where I talked to part of the team about my background, experience (in advertising, communications and sound design) and portfolio pieces.

How do you like it so far?

Ricard:  I feel great! Everybody has been super nice to me since day one. Ayogo Games motivates people to change their life by creating rewarding experiences in users with health problems. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work. Social games that also improve people’s life are something awesome, and I get to be a part of it!

Health app for Mobile

What kind of work are you doing there?

Ricard:  I am the Interactive Design intern. Currently, I’m developing wireframes, creating moodboards for new projects, interactive prototypes, UI, and I provide branding support. I also get to participate in the creative meetings and user testing sessions.

Screen shot of Sprout

Is it the kind of work that you expected to be doing after graduating?

Ricard:  It is exactly what I was expecting. It’s a fast paced work environment full of incredible, talented people. VFS gave me the necessary tools to be prepared for the day to day work challenges.

How did your experience at VFS Digital Design prepare you for your Internship at Ayogo? 

Ricard:  At VFS you are taught by people from the industry, who ask from you respect and professionalism, making you responsible for each step you take in a super challenging year. Our class had a lot of talented and inspiring people from whom I learnt a lot. In the Digital Design program, instructors give you a tiny bit of their super power, so by the end of the year you end up with a pretty powerful set of new skills.

Screen shot of Monster Manor

You haven’t been there long, but do think your learning from the experience?

Ricard:  300%. I came to Vancouver to work as an interactive designer, and here I am! The professional and personal experience I’m gaining is invaluable. Everyday I learn from my peers and I feel more confident about my process and decision making in projects, trying to keep up to date with the interactive field. This is a great chance to work with talented professionals.

Thanks very much for talking with us Ricard, and congratulations!
Ricard:  Thanks!

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