Musical Rollercoaster

still from ZKO Rollercoaster

My violin teacher always used to tell me to visualize my music. In his thick Romanian accent he would ask, “Is it a love story, a clown, a roller-coaster?” He told me to have a vivid picture in my head before my bow even touched the string. That was one of the greatest lessons I ever learned. Now when I hear music, images and stories instantly spark in my mind.

Axel Eckstein & Frank Bodin (Euro RSCG, Zurich), who did the creative direction for this piece, titled ZKO Rollercoaster, obviously have a great understanding of music. They cleverly place dips and bends of the roller coaster on accented notes. When there is a sudden flood of notes the designer sends us falling down a terrifying drop. It really inspires me to always pay attention to the detail and nuances of music.

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