The Blast Light Features Digital Design Students’ Sucessful Big Idea

Screenshot from The Blast Light Profile of Digital Design Students Campaign

Students in the VFS Entertainment Business Management program produced a great video for the web series, The Blast Light, profiling Digital Design‘s Bhoomika Dutta, Grigor Cheitanov, Novita Prasetia, & Michael Qin, who worked under the guidance of VFS Instructor/Client Proxy Tiffany Hamilton and Industry Support/Client Proxy Gagan Diesh in the Big Ideas class to develop a campaign for The World Kindness Concert (Brock Tully, founder, and Jeanette O’Keeffe from MoonCoin Productions). The team’s Pass It On campaign so impressed their clients that they immediately implemented their ideas.

The Blast Light is a web series produced by students within the Entertainment Business Management program at VFS. Check out the video below to find out more about The Pass It On campaign.


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