The First-Ever 45hr SLAM Awards : Results

SLAM 45hr March 2013

The first ever Digital Design 45hr SLAM came to a close on Friday, March 22nd, 2013 with presentations by the seven teams, which was followed by judging and the presentation of awards. The judges were Digital Design Head Of Department, Miles Nurse, Senior Instructor Kyle Norby, Teaching Assistant Thomas McKeen, and as a special guest judge: Digital Design alumnus and Futurebrand designer, Luis Francisco Baroni Coutinho. When it came time to pick winners, however, the judges found it very difficult to choose among the teams, given that the quality of both their work and presentations were so exceptional.

Everyone involved — the judges and the participants — agreed that this was an amazing SLAM, and the best format to use for it going forward.

HOD Miles Nurse was quite impressed and has this to say about the event: “Students today are faced with a rapidly expanding red ocean, where finding blue ocean strategies and opportunities is becoming increasingly difficult. Creating a malleable design process is key to being successful in today’s digital enterprises. Students must ideate, refine, design, pivot and deploy projects in a very short period under tight design constraints. The Digital Design SLAM provides students with the opportunity to innovate processes and identify their strengths, while embracing the mantra of Fail Fast.”

“Our first 45hr SLAM was a huge success, where students displayed a fabulous amount of integrated thinking, while creating beautiful identities, interactive and motion design projects. But most importantly, they collaborated, pollinated, and strengthened their bonds as digital designers.”

Here are the Award (designed by Digital Media Specialist Danny Chan) winners for the first-ever 45hr SLAM :

It's All About the Glory slide

 Lit it Up (Best Presentation)

LitIt Up Award Designed by Danny Chan

The winners : Team Epic Sauce 

Litt Up Winners Team Epic Sauce

Featured in the photo, from left to right are :

  • Ian Brady
  • Ali Lupu
  • Ryan Bevans
  • Tais de  Souza Lessa
  • Craig Wilson
  • Max Lin (Missing from photo)

Visionary Rockstars (Best Concept)

Visionary Rockstars Award Designed by Danny Chan

The winners : Team Cheese and Crackers

Cheese And Crackers Award Winners : Visionary Rockstars

Featured in the photo, from left to right are :

  • Seo Young Seung
  • Emma Frost
  • Evan Bashir
  • Ray Ziadeh
  • Scott Dutertre
  • Laura Hernandez

People’s Choice (Audience Favorite)

Peoples Choice Designed by Danny Chan

The winners : Team Grumpy Cats

Winners of the Peoples' Choice Award : Team Grumpy Cats

Featured in the photo, from left to right are :

  • Cesar Martinez Velazquez
  • Macarena Poo Garcia
  • Thanat (Arm) Sattavorn 
  • Seerat Bawa
  • Dee Casey
  • Larissa Lo An Hsia Wilcock

And on second thought…

After deliberation proved to be so difficult, the judges agreed that a special mention should also be made to Team Ultra Swank for their excellent motion piece:

Best Motion Piece Award Winners : Team Ultra Swank

  • Victor Tran
  • Chris Arias-Carras
  • Kayla Cherkas
  • Antonio Braz
  • Kyle Vandekleut
  • Zak Woytowich

Congratulations to the award winners — and to the other teams as well, who all impressed the judges with their ideas, presentations and fierce dedication over the period of the first ever 45hr SLAM! Here are the other teams and their members:

Team Salt and Pepper

  • Chris Chan
  • Tama Phiri
  • Mehdi Nowroozi
  • Erynn Shoemaker
  • Matt Coady
  • Natasha Tentes
  • Sebastian Guerrero

Team Honey Mustard

  • Sandi Ramirez Tirado
  • Jenny Bourne
  • Kevin Lee
  • Jaime Ugarte
  • Ryan Furlot
  • Bill Xiaoniu Sun

Team Popped Collars

  • Austin Wendenburg
  • Jong Kwon Shin
  • Min Choi
  • Ismael Cosio
  • Cole Derochie
  • Breanne Jansen
  • Michael Stevenson

There is still the Just Did’r Prize to be awarded by a secret external judge, which we will keep you posted about — Stay tuned for the results!

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