Anonymous Artist/s Bored Turn Chicago Streets into Game of Monopoly

A neighborhood in Chicago was “revamped” into a life-sized Monopoly board! This street-art installation was done by an anonymous artist (or group of artists) called Bored, who decided to put life-sized props from the famous board game, Monopoly on the sidewalks of the city. Some of them were huge dices, chance cards and community cards, and even the little green and red houses you can build on your land!

I found this amusing and inspiring at the same time, considering the form of the work, and the theme the artist chose for it. In a way, the artist has put back into real life a game that was simulating it! For me, it was also a reminder to do things that we love and that we do need to create for fun, not just for work or school. I think that it is the best way to create innovative ideas and original artworks!

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