Dstrukt : Inspiration For Motion Design

Still from Dstruck Showreel

Some 6-7 years ago I first came across the motion design work of Christopher Hewitt — otherwise known as Dstrukt.

His 2006 Showreel was the single largest element that contributed to my absolute infatuation with Motion Design. Up until that point, I had never experienced a showcase of work that moved me so profoundly in such a short amount of time (1:30).
There are so many elements of this showreel that I love. But perhaps most importantly, it’s because there is such a beautiful connection between the audio and the visual. The very quick and aggressive audio track allows for many examples of quick glitch-style edits — a technique he exhibits extremely well. Beyond that, he displays such a wide selection of different types of work, which are well representative of his capabilities as a designer/director.

While there have been many years since the creation of this reel, I still find myself continuing to come back to it for inspiration and ideas. And if for nothing else, to be reminded why I love this medium of expression and am so passionately pursuing this particular field.

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